Alien In The Outfield - Issue 1 (Digital Download)

Outfield Independent Publishing
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Issue One of a new four part comic series from creators Jack Kirby and Mat Barnett.

Limber up for an all-action, all-ages, extra-terrestrial, eighties-set underdog sports adventure! 

The story of an ill-tempered alien who crash-lands on earth and joins little league baseball team the Roswell Rockets in order to evade capture by the FBI! Our alien hero runs into Joel Horowitz, a misfit teen who feels like the loneliest kid on earth. Can Joel help Alien get back to his home planet? Will Alien help Joel make some friends? And can the Roswell Rockets beat the jocks and win the league?

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Issue 1 of 4 (Digital Download) 

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Alien In The Outfield - Issue 1 (Digital Download)

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